Treat Yourself to a Massage in Boise, ID

Our massage therapists have years of experience

Massage Bay is your local destination for massages. We offer a variety of deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology and acupressure massages to meet your needs. Whether you need to increase circulation in your muscles or get a stress knot out of your back, our massage therapists can help.

We also offer a loyalty card program for all massages. When you load your membership card with $450 of prepaid massages, you’ll earn $10 off each massage. Call Massage Bay at 208-850-2472 today to learn more.

4 signs you need a relaxing massage in Boise, ID

When was the last time you scheduled a massage? Massages aren't only for pampering-some massages are essential for people living with chronic pain. Here are four signs it's time to call Massage Bay for a deep tissue massage:

01. You're stressed out at work
02. Your muscles feel tight or tense
03. You have a constant ache in your back
04. You're having trouble sitting or sleeping

Don't go another day living with aches and pains. Stop in to Massage Bay for a walk-in relaxing massage. You can also schedule an appointment by calling 208-850-2472.

What is an acupressure massage?

You're probably familiar with acupuncture, but have you ever heard of acupressure? Acupressure is an ancient Asian massage practice that uses precise pressure of the fingers onto specific regions of the body to release vital energy. Our massage therapists use acupressure massage practices to relieve stress and anxiety.

To learn more about acupressure massages in Boise, ID, call 208-850-2472 today.

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