Treat Yourself to a Massage in Boise, ID

Our massage therapists have years of experience

Massage Bay is your local destination for massages. We offer a variety of deep tissue, hot stone, and reflexology massages to meet your needs. Whether you need to increase circulation in your muscles or get a stress knot out of your back, our massage therapists can help. Or, consider a luxurious couples massage as a way to connect with a loved one.

We also offer a loyalty card program for all massages. When you load your membership card with $450 of prepaid massages, you'll earn up to $20 off each massage. Call Massage Bay at 208-850-2472 today to learn more.

4 signs you need a relaxing massage in Boise, ID

When was the last time you scheduled a massage? Massages aren't only for pampering-some massages are essential for people living with chronic pain. Here are four signs it's time to call Massage Bay for a deep tissue massage:

01. You're stressed out at work
02. Your muscles feel tight or tense
03. You have a constant ache in your back
04. You're having trouble sitting or sleeping

Don't go another day living with aches and pains. Stop in to Massage Bay for a walk-in relaxing massage. You can also schedule an appointment by calling 208-850-2472.

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