Unwind Together With a Couples Massage in Boise, ID

Nothing says love like the gift of relaxation

Between work and your other responsibilities, it's difficult to slow down and enjoy the moment with a loved one. Couples massage is a relaxing way to bring your relationship back to the present. Our massage therapists will melt away stress for you and your loved one while you spend quality time together.

Schedule a couples massage at Massage Bay in Boise, ID today for a restful bonding experience.

Fall in love with our massage options

No two couples are alike—that’s why we have a variety of services for you and your loved one to experience. Our Boise, ID massage therapists are trained in various massage practices, such as:

01. Reflexology
02. Swedish massage
03. Deep tissue massage
04. Focus massage
05. Prenatal massage

Rejuvenate your muscles and your relationship at Massage Bay. Schedule your next relaxing date by calling 208-850-2472 today to speak with a member of our massage team.