Get a Massage for Pain Relief in Boise, ID

Our massage therapists will help you reach total relaxation

Are you stressed out? Does your neck or back ache? Are your muscles screaming for help? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it’s time to call Massage Bay. Our talented massage therapists can rejuvenate your muscles while breaking down the painful knots in your stress points. We also offer reflexology, a massage method used on the hands, feet and ears to decrease anxiety and increase your wellbeing.

Call 208-850-2472 to speak with one of our massage therapists in Boise, ID. We offer same-day appointments, and walk-ins are welcome for all our massages.

Check out our list of massage options

It doesn’t matter if you need a weekly massage session to detox from your stressful job or you’re recovering from a back injury, Massage Bay can help. Our experienced massage therapists offer a variety of massages, including:

01. Reflexology—$50/1 hour
02. Hot stone—$65/1 hour or $90/1 hour 20 minutes
03. Deep tissue—$65/1 hour or $85/1 hour 20 minutes
04. Focus massage—$50/1 hour or $80/1 hour 20 minutes
05. Swedish massage—$55/1 hour or $75/1 hour 20 minutes or $100/1 hour 50 minutes
06. Prenatal massage—$65/50 minutes or $85/80 minutes

Are you looking for a different duration for your massage? We offer shorter and longer times. Call 208-850-2472 today to schedule a massage for pain relief in Boise, ID.